Thursday, January 21, 2010

What would you do with a million dollars?

Yes, I baited you.
My pastor and seminary instructor in Texas use to take every opportunity to teach me something, so when we would go to work on the church (which was often since we were building it as funds came in) he would go to work on my education. He once told me a story, a quote of a quote of a quote, I think. A man was going on, in front of his pastor, about what he would do for his church if he unexpectedly came into a million dollars. The pastor told him that God was concerned with what he was going to do with the three dollars that he had, rather than the million dollars that he didn't have.
I remember at times when my offerings were pretty small, that I would pray that God would multiply them and use them. Obviously, I thought if the offerings were small, they couldn't be used for much; so, I thought they needed the added request of multiplication. The thought makes me smile now, here I am asking God to do with my offerings what Jesus did with the loaves and fish. Sometimes when our offerings are small, or smaller than we would like; God uses those times to look at the condition of our hearts, and so that we can look at the condition of our hearts. The fact is any offering, no matter how small can honor God. It is a heart that cheerfully gives that is pleasing to God, so give with a happy heart no matter what size your offering is.

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