Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nobody knows . . .

I was told a story once of a father and son who went on a fishing trip. They both kept journals. The father had a difficult day, concerned with the business of the day; something that he was unable to avoid was a fishing trip that he had promised his son. The two went fishing. Years later the two journals were compared: on that day the father recorded it was the worst day of his life, and the son had recorded that it was the best day of his.

It just goes to show you how drastically different two people can see the same day. I am firmly entrenched in seeing the world my way. Sometimes that is good and sometimes I am less patient or less kind than I should be. The thing is you don't always know whether you are dealing with someone who feels like the father in the story or like the little boy. What if yours is the only kind face someone sees today? Take care to notice what others may be going through, be kind and brighten your world with a big ole' smile. God bless you all.

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