Sunday, July 5, 2009

The sound of fireworks

Last night, it sounded like a war zone. I know that things are loud on the fourth, but last night it seemed like there were more fireworks than I have ever heard. I know everyone thinks that fireworks are for kids, but honestly, what man doesn't like to see something explode? Last night it struck me; it must have sounded like this when they were fighting for our independence. Rather than wishing that they would finish so I could go to sleep; I found my self welcoming the sounds and glad that I lived where people could stay up half the night blowing things up. I realized that it was because of the sounds of countless cannons and muzzle-loaders that we have the freedom that we have enjoyed for so long in this country. So, I thank everyone who gave so much to purchase our freedom, and I thank everyone, that has served in the past or is now serving in our military defending that freedom, from the bottom of my heart.

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