Sunday, July 19, 2009

People need the Lord

I really enjoyed services this morning at church. Not one thing in particular, but the whole service was a blessing and an encouragement. It was exactly why we are supposed to go to church; so that we can be encouraged and be able to go out and tell others about Jesus. Most people think of church in an evangelistic sense; in other words, we are supposed to get people to come to church so that they can get to hear the gospel and get saved. The fact is we are supposed to go to church so that we can be encouraged and equipped to go out into the world and win the lost to Christ. You see, nothing works better than telling people about your own experience with something. That's why you check seller's ratings on Amazon and Ebay, because people relate their own experiences with the sellers and products. Inviting someone to church is always a good thing, but nothing works like telling people about your experience with Christ. So, go and tell somebody about what Christ has done for you.

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