Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Problems you can't solve. . .

Once in a while, you run up on a problem or a bunch of problems that you just can't solve. Think about the Red Sea, the children of Israel and Pharoah's army closing fast; it was a problem that they just couldn't solve. God saved them by parting the Red Sea, but not before they were nose to nose with a problem that they couldn't solve. Becoming a Christian does not now, nor has it ever meant, taking a pass on troubles. So, if we are going to have problems, let's figure out how to deal with them.

First, keep a smile on your face. You can still have joy in your heart, even if you have trials and tribulations. Second, don't bury your head in the sand. Think about it; you have a front row seat, to watch God work in your life, and you won't see much with your head in the sand. Finally, pay attention! Your trials and troubles and the way that you deal with them are what become your testimony. So, make it a good one. God is always there, and He is a constant source strength.

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