Sunday, July 12, 2009

Haunting words . . .

I find the more I write, the more my words haunt me. It's not a bad thing; just a product of self-reflection. You put yourself, or what is important to you at the moment, on the page, and then you go back and examine it. It's a good way to see whether or not you are full of bologna. You see, I like to think that I am made of the finest stuff, but many times I prove that wrong.

When you put yourself (thoughts) on a page, you and everybody that knows you can easily see whether your life lives up to the ideals that you put on the page. So, now you can see why my words haunt me. I have to measure me against what I have written, and as always I want to be better and not worse. And one more thing, I have to make sure that my words are in agreements with God's word. So all in all, writing is a good exercise. It helps keep me where I need to be.

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