Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The fruit of the Spirit . . . Faith

Odd that I would be blogging about faithfulness, after having interrupted our study, but as any good saint will know: life doesn't always follow our plan. The Greek word that we find here is pistis (pis-tis). As used here, pistis carries the meaning of fidelity, although most of the time it means a conviction or doctrine. These are two branches of the same tree. Our faithfulness or the sincerity of our faith is demonstrated to all in our adherence to the teachings that we have received. Faithfulness is an easy concept to grasp, but not always easy to carry out.

Think about this, Satan always loves to plant doubt in the mind of a believer. Don't you think that Paul had occasion to doubt, when the very fact that he was faithful to his calling led him to prison? How do you prove that you are a good Christian, when by the world's standard you are in chains because you are not a good citizen? You see, anybody can be faithful as long as it is potlucks and chicken dinners. But, how many will be faithful when doing so comes with a set of shackles? That is the glaring difference between the saints of old and those who use the name Christian today. In short, their belief affected their lives. So, you may clap your hands and sing "Give me that old time religion," but let me tell you: that old time religion was made of sterner stuff than we know.

Christians and churches have been hoodwinked into believing that their highest calling is to produce model citizens. All but one of the disciples bled and died, and the one died of old age, after suffering greatly, and they all did so for bearing the name and testimony of Christ. Our highest calling is to faithfully bear the name and testimony of Jesus Christ. He changed my life, and that is why I am telling you this now.

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