Friday, March 26, 2010

What the good guys are looking for in a woman. Part V

1. A sincere relationship with God
2. Modest
3. Kind
4. Sense of humor

5. Courageous

I was listening to a sermon this week, and the preacher said, “Any dead fish can go with the flow, but it takes a live fish to swim against the current.” Courage is just that, the ability to swim against the current. Popular opinion (the current in this example) is that girls have to trade off parts or whole chunks of an ideal relationship, to be in a relationship. It takes courage to stick to the ideal; it takes the courage of one’s convictions.

The courage of one’s convictions is a person’s ability to hold to their belief system when it gets increasingly difficult to do so. You see, if you can set aside your belief system; then it is of no effect at all. It is what you know to be right, and if you are willing to compromise on what you know is right, then you have to accept that you are willing to pursue what you know is wrong.

When you drive across a bridge, you hope that the engineers and builders did not compromise on what they knew was the right way to build the bridge with the right materials. The potential for this bridge to collapse, and the potential for the tragedy that it brings, is directly tied to the willingness of the engineers and builders to compromise what they know is right. The same holds true for a life.

Let me tell you plainly, if a guy does not measure up: Get rid of him! Let me also tell you, that I frankly do not care what his issues are, and that he wasn’t loved enough growing up. It is not my problem, nor is it your problem; and you are doing yourself no favors by letting him make his problems to be your problems. In fact, the only way that you can help him, is to let him know that he doesn’t bring enough to the table to merit any further consideration. Guys that are worth having, expect that girls will be looking for a man who is made of something. The good guys respect and admire girls who have the courage of their convictions; girls that will not compromise on their standards.

6. Trustworthy
7. Willing to be alone

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