Monday, March 28, 2011

The Place Where The Name Dwells: Part Two

The pandering that began in the late 70's, to get someone to belay their beer drinking and lawn mowing to the afternoon, so that they might come to church and marvel at their avant-garde pastor, who is more than happy for them to come to church dressed like a slob; has only a legacy of irreverence: so much so, that it has modern day pastors asking the lost what they would like to see in a church service. Since when, have the lost ever been called to counsel the servants of God on anything?! It is that same mind set that has left this latest generation wandering in ignorance about the things of God (not that I fault this latest generation.) Look, when you throw a call to personal holiness out of Christianity: all that is left is people who act like pagans and call themselves Christian.

You may think that I have gone overboard, but what I am describing is outward signs that indicate what is taking place on the inside. Let me prove my point. When a boy likes a girl; all of the sudden he cares, from out of nowhere, what he smells like, whether or not he is wearing his good jeans or if his hair looks right. Why? Because he is going to be around this girl, and he cares what she thinks of him. He wants to present himself as someone she might like to spend time around, and what he thinks is a covert message, is actually his desire to make that as easy of a decision for her as possible. So, from sweaty smelly boy to prince charming, my point: what is happening on the inside, is effecting what is happening on the outside.

I hope that you understand, that this is about the condition of the heart. There is the letter of the law, and there is the spirit of the law. All of Israel was celebrating and worshipping God with all their might, when God struck Uzza dead for touching the Ark of the Covenant. It isn't that they weren't trying to please God, by bringing the Ark to Jerusalem; but it is, that they did not first go to His Word and read and find out how to please him. They were worshipping in ignorance of what God had already commanded, and if they would have from the beginning searched the Scriptures and followed them, this tragedy would not have happened.

More tomorrow, loved ones.

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