Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trading what you can't keep for what you can't lose.

Jim Elliott's words, not mine. More precisely, "He is no fool, who trades what he cannot keep, for that which he cannot lose." Trading the temporal for the eternal, not just the trading, but the willingness to trade. God judges the intent of the heart, and what that heart is willing to give. Jim Elliott was a man who traded his life, so a group of people he didn't know could come to know Christ. He traded what he could not keep, his life, for what he could not lose, eternity. I have to stop and ask myself sometimes: How much are you willing to give? When I think about Jim Elliott, the question becomes: Are you willing to give everything?
What would happen if you told all of your friends and loved ones about Jesus? You might annoy some people; some people might quit hanging around with you; or you might see someone's life changed by Christ. For a Christian, life is not about being comfortable, it's about sharing Christ with others; so tell everybody the Good News!

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