Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have to write.

Day after day, I wonder why I do this. It takes the things that are inside of me and places them on display for the whole world to see, or at least the two or three people who read my blog; and of course the those in foreign countries that accidentally stumble upon my writings. I go through periods when I have to write, and then I go through periods when I can not write (not that the thoughts don't come, but the trials of life have taught me when to keep my mouth shut, and my pen capped, as it were.) Sometimes with ease and sometimes with great difficulty, I put my thoughts down.

It is really strange, I went through an entire English class in high school, and barely spoke the entire year; now, here I am putting much of what I think and believe at the mercy of others. I was quiet, for a while anyway.

I have long supposed, that the people who judge books by their covers make up the majority; and still suppose that they judge my blogs, by their titles. Frankly, I don't care. I write, because it is through writing, I find an outlet and an easing of the things that burden me. I hope that it is helpful, to those who read it. My desire is, that all who read it, would grow closer to the Lord. Still, I can not in good conscience write, the sugary mess that produces good feelings about lives that are lived without reference to God, and the Son Whom He gave so willingly for us. I will, however, gladly write about the God Who changes the lives of sinful men and women. God bless you all.

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